How do we make people happy in a pleasurable and meaningful way while simultaneously deterring criminal and undesirable behavior?”

Through a global service network of over 2500 vendor companies, (having upwards of 200,000 security officers) we were fortunate to have an above average sampling for study in the customer service aspect of the security industry.

We found many companies have excellent security training programs but all lacked a comprehensive and holistic approach to “minds on—hands off” approach that our S.I.T. curriculum treats

S.I.T. involves in part:

  • Recognizing bad habits;

  • Embracing mental and emotional discipline;

  • Retraining your mind

  • Developing postive and better serving habits;

  • Adjusting and broadening perspectives and attitudes;

  • Taking risks;

  • Sharpening your emotional intelligence;

  • Developing emotional competence;

  • Being courageous;

  • Climbing outside of yourself to make you better

The S.I.T. program is a competitive curriculum.

To complete this course and be certified as an S.I.T. graduate you must:


  • Understand and embrace what is being put forth

  • Participate without fear and remain in character

  • Be passionate about what you are doing

  • Demonstrate via live audition that you get it

  • Pass an open book written test


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