Risk may have a positive or negative effect and impact on your assets. F.M.I.’s risk management expertise offers in-person training that provides you with the tools and knowledge to raise awareness and better manage your property’s risk and prevent losses and mitigate claims.

At F.M.I. we weigh the risk of an event occurring against the cost to implement safety. F.M.I. will work directly with you to protect against human, physical, environmental, biological, chemical hazard risks. Achieved while protecting your financial assets and resources, by promoting a risk-conscious climate in your organization.

Allow F. M. I. to assist you with:

  • Developing the processes, policies, procedures, criteria, requirements, protocols and methods to attain the tools and understanding for managing the hazards and exposures that allow you to minimize the risks and corresponding losses.

  • Apply good business practices for efficient use of your organizational resources and promoting the importance of the safety process

  • Foster an environment for employees to contribute with exchanging ideas, approaches and to have functional roles in the development and execution of safety procedures

  • Recognizing the hazards and measure the related risks, measure the effectiveness, reliability, and expenditures needed to attain the maximum results for your company


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