Facility Management International, LLC (F.M.I) is a domestic, privately held, limited liability company operating throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. F.M.I. resources span the globe through an innovative holistic approach that provides Clients with an unmatched choice of service options, pricing, and geographic areas of coverage. In-house professionals linked with our associate network of proven industry leaders bring about the best of all worlds for our Clients. F.M.I. realizes the importance of Client Culture, Brand Name, and Marketing Mission. Everything we do centers on complimenting our Clients!




Dynamic Recruiting, Training and Certification of staff for all outsourced services: Specific to Client environment, culture and marketing mission.
Auditing: To oversee both contracted services and client staff—from a loss prevention and customer service perspective. Ensuring Client corporate goals are met at every level!

Consulting, Risk Analysis, Security Audits, Security Studies, CPTED Analysis and Program Development for Client proprietary staffing needs.

Complete Client R.F.P. programs inclusive of vendor selection, vendor training, and vendor certification to work in Client environments* National Client Statistic Reporting: Financial reports for all levels of cost centers on outsourced activities; incident reports; quality control reports; and other valuable Client management tools necessary for accurate decision making.

Special Event Coordination of outsourced services: Nationally and Internationally!

IIntelligence gathering and private investigations to ensure the integrity of contracted staff, client associates, and security/LP programs.






" FMI is the exception, not the standard."

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